Almost Twelve

We’re in a shady bar. Dimmed music and silent light. At one side we look out over a river, on the other there’s a busy city.f

A nearby church’s bell will almost let us know it’s midnight. Our knees are  close to touching, but not quite yet, we aren’t comfortable enough yet for that, not yet. My eyes are aimed for yours while you talk, hands tightly wrapped around a steaming cup of tea.

While my eyes are digging into yours, a future is pictured, just for a little while.

Fading. Slowly. Empty.




I, Snake

Once, I crawled my way into your life. From the moment I got there, I burried my teeth deep into your flesh, in such a way you wouldn’t notice.

You went on with your life, the daily struggles and adventures, seeing me as your friend, your pet. My teeth still deep in your flesh, slowly releasing my poison inside.

Weakened, you went on with your life, my  teeth inside, my poison running through your blood. Teeth too deep to see, too deep to get out again.

Knees to the ground, collapsing, face first against the ground. The taste of blood fills your mouth as I pull out my teeth.

No regret, no pain, no hurt.