Sailing Ship

It was the middle of the night, the middle of the sea. Our ship slowly sails towards our destination, on top of the calm waves, a soft breeze blowing us away. My eyes lock on the last burning candle in my room, the image slowly becoming blurry while my eyes fall closed.

A loud crack, footsteps on the wooden floor. Without hesitation I open my eyes and I see you sitting there. Wearing your most beautiful dress, your golden juwelry and a smile lingering on your lips.

My eyes close, I blink, you’re still there. This is against all my expectations, but I don’t mind. Slowly you stand up, your knees crack, you smile a bit brighter and sit next to me on the bed. Quickly I sit up, once more trying to speak.

You eye me and shake your head, placing your forefinger on your lips, running your other hand through my short hair. It feels better than I remembered.

You lean down.