A green lake in the middle of a green forest, surrounded by green lilly pads and green grass. The boat itself is half green, even. A weeping willow stands at the side of the river, bending over the water, looking at its own reflection. Slowly I put two feet in the wobbling boat.

“Just take it easy” you say, in the comforting way you always do. Ever so gently, as if scared to hurt my feelings, almost as if they’re made out of crystal. I smile. Knowing you only say this because you care.

Grunt. Smack. Step. Stumble. Grabbing. Stabilize! I repeat: stabilize! After a split second I find my balance and quickly go to sit down.

Jump. Smack. Step. Sit. “It’s that easy?” I ask, smiling softly towards you. A wink. Two paddles go into the water as the boat takes off, in the direction of the weeping willow. Slowly daring to turn, making sure I don’t fall in the water, I look around. I tell you I think it’s beautiful and you agree with that.


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